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Lecture at the Seminar on in Political Communication and Digital Strategy at UNITA-Angola

On Friday at 10:00, the lectures by Professor Joscimar Souza Silva, coordinator of the Public Information and Elections Research Group, and master's student Isabela Rocha, our GT coordinator, both from the University of Brasília, on political communication and digital strategy for UNITA Angola will be broadcasted online.

UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola) is a political party of great relevance in Angola, founded in 1966 by Jonas Savimbi. Originally an anti-colonial guerrilla movement, it fought for Angola's independence from Portuguese rule and, after 1975, became a central force in the long Angolan civil war, mainly opposing MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola), the ruling party. The civil war, characterized by intense geopolitical disputes and foreign interventions, lasted until 2002. With the end of the conflict, UNITA transformed into an opposition political party, playing a significant role in Angola's political scene, participating in elections and national debates, representing an important voice in contemporary Angolan politics.

The event is an initiative by Hitler Samussuku for the specialization of the political cadre of this party. The documentary "En el nombre del pueblo" by Mário Riorda on political communication and the personalization of politics will be discussed. The lectures by Joscimar Souza Silva and Isabela Rocha will address crucial aspects of modern communication in political contexts, the latter focusing especially on digital techniques and tools that can be applied in the Angolan political environment. This event is of great relevance for researchers and professionals interested in the intersection between digital technology, communication, and politics, offering a unique opportunity to understand how these areas intertwine in the specific context of a key political party in Angola.

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